Cheap airline travel

Today, more than ever (given the shaky nature of global and US economies), air travelers travel closely to get airline tickets that won't cost them an arm and a perfect example. Well, at least not an arm. Most people imagine that they can get it with just one leg, these days.

I'm just joking about something arm, maybe. But maybe not, especially if you can get cheap airline tickets already. In this case, I might consider hiring a couple of my sister's children to do a car wash and clean the house for travel agency members or airline ticket managers who can get it for me and my wife.

In fact, it should not be too difficult, and most travelers in the air should not consider recording cheap flights as something akin to finding one black grain of sand along a one-mile-long sandy beach in Hawaii (although it is # 39; It would be nice to travel there and spend a few decades doing this).

In fact, all that is really needed is a degree of vigilance and a desire to buy a last-minute ticket, in many cases. Part of the vigilance comes from watching airline websites online to get low and high prices, which will happen on any particular flight on a consistent basis throughout the sale of tickets for that particular flight.

Now that we are all running with phones, smartphones and other electronic devices running out of our ears or other parts of the body, it should be easy enough to keep up with these changes, and wouldn't it be saying you? Sure you will.

In fact, low and high prices are an ongoing event, as the on-board ticket packages are priced at different levels according to a number of factors, some fairly simple but some of which are less ambiguous. All these factors are integrated into a program that most airlines call "revenue management" or "revenue management" (more broadly).

Apart from that, if you can do some study and then you are ready to play a game at the last minute (or a game where you buy a ticket for a trip, too far in the future and maybe up to a year), then you really can find cheap airline tickets. Be prepared, though, to accept some restrictions, imposed by all airlines – including most low-cost airlines (called "domestic airlines" in business) – on most airline tickets sold as travelers might think Who direct the discount to fire prices.

For example, a Detroit (DTW) flight to Orlando (MCO) may list approximately US $ 400, round trip, in the days prior to scheduled departure. However, in the last two hours the flight is supposed to leave, as the airline begins to consider putting someone in an empty seat, regardless of what might happen on the ticket, there were known price reductions of about $ 120 or $ 130. , Back and forth.

All older airlines are working on this kind of revenue management theory, which says that it is always better to stand behind in an empty seat and earn any money rather than not at all, if the plane does not leave the gate without anyone sitting in that seat, unlike some "Unreviewed" (an airline employee, as I used to be) who move somewhere.

This is the case even if the costs involved in fuel and other inputs to the ticket price are greater than the sale of the ticket at that price. Money is money, better you have little, right? So be brave, be smart and be ready to travel at any moment! Cheap airline tickets exist, if you know how to get them.