Astronaut Butch Wilmore on space travel, 'The Martian'

Astronaut Butch Wilmore on space travel, 'The Martian'
The Oscar-nominated film “The Martian” compels viewers to dream about space travel and cheer for the space program even if travel to Mars is still decades away. Hopefully, the movie will inspire people to grow excited about the possibilities of …
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Report: Corporate Travel Buyers Don't Understand What Business Travelers Want
“The Valuable Vendor Contract Add-ons: Prioritizing + Communicating = Savings” report surveyed more than 100 travel buyers in North America, and found that business travelers are spending on the amenities they most want instead of having them included …
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Europe's free travel will end unless Turkey halts migrant flow, officials say
BRUSSELS Europe's cherished free-travel zone will shut down unless Turkey acts to cut the number of migrants heading north through Greece by March 7, European Union officials said on Thursday. Their declaration came as confrontations grow …
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