NASA is Developing a New Supersonic Jet

NASA is Developing a New Supersonic Jet
There's good news this week for those who miss the speedy flights of the Concorde: supersonic air travel may soon be possible again. NASA announced on Monday that it is working to create a “low boom” passenger jet, which will be able to travel at …
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Woollip travel pillow that promises comfortable in-flight sleep
A father and daughter from Paris have invented a new travel pillow called Woollip that aims to provide travellers with the most comfortable sleeping position while flying. The inflatable device is designed to lean on the passenger's seat-back tray …
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Sanders Campaign Will Travel On, but Path to Victory Is All but Blocked
Bernie Sanders has vowed to fight for the presidential nomination until the Democratic convention, but the results Tuesday suggest that he is not anywhere close to being on track to amass a majority of pledged delegates.
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