NASA is Developing a New Supersonic Jet

NASA is Developing a New Supersonic Jet
There's good news this week for those who miss the speedy flights of the Concorde: supersonic air travel may soon be possible again. NASA announced on Monday that it is working to create a “low boom” passenger jet, which will be able to travel at …
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Woollip travel pillow that promises comfortable in-flight sleep
A father and daughter from Paris have invented a new travel pillow called Woollip that aims to provide travellers with the most comfortable sleeping position while flying. The inflatable device is designed to lean on the passenger's seat-back tray …
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Sanders Campaign Will Travel On, but Path to Victory Is All but Blocked
Bernie Sanders has vowed to fight for the presidential nomination until the Democratic convention, but the results Tuesday suggest that he is not anywhere close to being on track to amass a majority of pledged delegates.
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Favorite world airports: Top picks from our travel panel

Favorite world airports: Top picks from our travel panel
Maria Todd, an international health care consultant in Denver, once fell ill while traveling through Singapore's Changi Airport. She went straight to the on-site pharmacy, where the employees came to her aid with the medication she needed. “They were …
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Controversy over Christy Clark's travel expenses highlights lack of
WATCH: Almost a year after a new policy requiring MLAs to post their receipts online began, there's been nothing from Premier Christy Clark or her cabinet ministers. Randene Neill investigates.

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Each month, we post smartphone pictures taken by Daily Mirror Travel Editor Nigel Thompson while he was on his travels. You just have to work out where he was when he took it. This month's picture is of a the ruins of an ancient walled city by a …

5 New Travel Startups Sidestepping the Models of Big Travel Brands
Some travelers don't have that or don't realize that booking technology, for example, isn't optimized to solve the problems they run into when planning travel. This week's five startups empower travelers to use booking technology in ways major brands …
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